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The Food and Drink Industry is involved with the manufacture, handling and storage of consumable products on a daily basis. Perishables have a relatively short shelf life and improper storage may subject these products to withering, early ripening and spoiling.

The chilling process plays a vital role in food and drink preservation. Low temperatures allow produce to retain its fresh quality; raw meat is kept safe from microbial contamination. Cold storage also reduces the probability of chemical reactions and helps to prevent the growth of microorganisms – food does not lose its beneficial qualities and remains safe for human consumption.

Cold rooms allow you to control temperature and humidity with ease; this creates an environment that is perfect for storing a variety of food and drink over extended periods.

1Cold provides quality cold rooms, industrial chillers and cold stores for the Food & Drink Industry. Our service guarantees expert assistance from the design and project management, right through to the construction of your chillers.

Our specialised services for the Food & Drink Industry include:

Food Manufacturing Facilities
Chiller & Freezer Cold Stores
  Electrical and Mechanical Works
Drainage Installations
Mezzanine Floors & Steelwork
Hygienic Floor Finishes
Stainless Steel Kerbs & Equipment
Quality, Health, Safety & Environmental
Service & Preventative  Maintenance
Manage the complete Construction Process

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Why Choose 1Cold?

With over 50 years’ experience, we strive to go above and beyond client expectations. Our hygienic and fire rated products are accredited and have passed the necessary health and safety standards.  Using top-notch components for a most efficient and effective structure, all our services are guaranteed to be safe and environmentally friendly.

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Case Studies

Tradeteam DHL, Enfield

Tradeteam is the UK’s leading drinks logistics business. It was formed in 1995 with the sole aim of offering brewers, drinks brand owners and retailers cost savings through a number of tailored services. One such service is the chilled storage of real ales, which has helped Tradeteam grow its business significantly. 1COLD were contracted to bu...

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