Feasibility Studies & Concept Design

As specialists in the design, project management and construction of hygienic, fire rated and temperature controlled environments, we have partnered with a diverse selection of food and drink manufacturers, both large and small. We help to develop investment strategies through the complete life cycle, offering effective project solutions.

Our expertise extends to a wide range of sectors including food factory projects, chilled and frozen storage and distribution centres, pharma cold stores, chillers and freezers, specialist hygienic construction, test chambers, cleanrooms, laboratories, fire walls and fire related enclosures – from feasibility studies and concept design, to full turnkey fit-out projects.


Process Flow


Feasibility Study

A comprehensive independent evaluation is vital to understand the impact and potential benefits of any proposed changes. We complete thorough assessments that consider the current and future requirements of the business and outline the programme and budget to consider how the proposed changes would impact on every aspect of the organisation.

Concept Design

We collaborate closely with our clients to design a concept, developing it into detailed designs that will ensure the plan progresses to become a reality, working through each step to successfully reach the implementation stage. We coordinate every element to create a detailed master programme.

Process Design

Once the concept has been fine-tuned, we work through the practical side of implementing the changes. By determining the workflow, equipment requirements and the design of new facilities or the modification and expansion of existing facilities – depending on the business’s needs – the design advances from conceptual level to the actual construction plans.


Our detailed preparation work enables clients to fully understand the costs, implications and benefits of the proposed scheme.


A successful project can’t be delivered in isolation and a transition period is essential to ensure a smooth transfer to the new business state. Our experienced team members include senior food manufacturers who can identify and mitigate all business risks, proactively managing the impact of a project’s day-to-day operations.


Our professional team will manage and lead the implementation process to ensure the project is delivered within the estimated timescale and that it’s right first time. Application must be planned carefully, coordinating all the project’s activities and communicating the relevant information to all internal and external parties so that everyone remains on the same page.

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