Laboratory Design, Construction & Refurbishment

Laboratory design is a challenge in itself, as it plays a major part in many different areas of the research process. It must be carried out in a way that promotes the most efficient scientific work, while meeting other needs, such as accommodating teamwork where required and creating spaces to meet the bespoke needs of the individual client.


A major aspect of biological research is the collection of samples, which are preserved for examination and analysis at a future date. It’s imperative to have the correct storage facilities in place, as biological samples are likely to degrade over time, unless they are kept in an appropriate climate, at the relevant temperature.

Cold storage

Laboratories offer a satisfactory cold storage environment to store billions of biological samples and specimens collected by researchers in academic institutions, research facilities, hospitals and commercial organisations. They can be stored in refrigerated environments, ultra-low temperature freezers of -50°C to -800°C, or in liquid nitrogen at -1700°C.


The technologies used in laboratories meet the global challenges presented by the increase in bio-specimen collection in research laboratories and bio-banks. Laboratories preserve these important research assets, enabling organisations and individual researchers to continue with their valuable biological and biomedical analysis.

Investing money in the purchase of capital equipment and the maintenance of laboratory facilities is crucial to preserve the samples.

As the experts

Whatever your needs, 1COLD has years of experience and professional expertise, enabling us to create a science laboratory to meet any specification. Whether you require a laboratory for research, bio storage or medical device manufacturing and packing, we can assist you through the complete process.

Our fully-trained, professional team of laboratory installers understands the importance of a controlled environment and we can design and construct any specification, based on client requirements. We will manage the complete process, from the design and planning stages through to the installation and aftercare.

The special clean room is of a type that won’t release particles or fibres to prevent the personnel from contaminating the environment. This is particularly important in the semiconductor and pharmaceutical industries, as this type of contamination could degrade product performance, or cause cross-infection between patients and medical staff in the healthcare sector.

Appropriate design

The proper design for a clean room encompasses the whole air distribution system, including making provision for downstream air returns.

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