Test Chamber Design, Construction & Refurbishment

Test chambers provide a mini-environment within a laboratory to test the effects of factors such as extreme temperatures, humidity, corrosion, light and vibration on a product or sample.


Taking into account today’s global marketplace, when any product can be sold to the remotest parts of the world, it’s important to take into account the various environmental conditions that the product may be exposed to, in particular cold or hot climates.

Why use test chambers?

The hottest temperature in the world to date was recorded in the Lut Desert, in Iran, where it reached 159.3°F in 2005. The coldest temperatures are recorded in Oymyakon, in Sibera, where a below-freezing temperature of -89.9°F is not uncommon.

Considering today’s products will have to endure the whole spectrum of temperatures in between, the importance of proper testing facilities, in the shape of test chambers, becomes apparent.

Every product is likely to be subject to climatic changes, vibrations, humidity and solar radiation, so testing it in various usage conditions can avoid potential drawbacks and increase its reliability. This in turn will lead to greater consumer satisfaction when potential issues are resolved at the testing stage.

Many sectors use test chambers, including the aerospace, automotive, electronics, construction, biotechnology, timber, food processing, engineering, medical, pharmaceutical, metal, packaging, ceramics, textile and consumer industries.

Industrial and electronics manufacturers use environmental test chambers to examine how their products will perform in normal and extreme conditions. The controlled tests help to predict the lifespan of the product by providing information on decay.

Automotive uses

One of the main users of test chamber technology is the automotive industry, which requires durable, high-performance products to improve safety and vehicle performance. Test chambers provide an efficient solution to ensure the quality of parts for automotive manufacturers across the globe.

The parts that are tested in the chambers include the GPS systems, multipoint connectors, the battery, safety features such as the airbag, instrument panels, the in-car entertainment system, brakes, pedals and fuel management systems, to name but a few. It is possible to test the whole vehicle if required.

Sports science

Test chambers are the modern, innovative way of helping athletes with their training regime. An environmental chamber enables athletes to control the heat, altitude and humidity for their workout, precisely replicating the environment in which they are going to be competing.

This can be particularly useful to prepare for events abroad, where the climate may be much hotter or colder. Test chambers can help athletes to prepare for a wide range of events, such as marathons, football tournaments, cycling, Ironman contests, mountain biking and long-distance running, to name but a few.

When combined with professional coaching staff, an environmental chamber can help athletes to improve their performance, identifying the appropriate conditions to optimise training. The environment within the chamber can also be adjusted gradually to enable the athlete’s body to adapt over time to new conditions.

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