Morgan Sindall – The John Innes Centre, Norwich

The John Innes Centre, Norwich is an independent, international centre of excellence in plant science and microbiology. It is predicted that new and more virulent crop diseases will emerge as a result of climate change. Scientists from the centre exploring genetic modification to plants are at the front line of research in understanding the impact of temperature upon pathogens, plants and how they interact.

Morgan Sindall acting as the clients main contractor, were contracted to build a new extension to provide a suite of growth & vernalization rooms for the Arabidopsis plant, which is used for the research into genetic modifications.

The building and internal fitting out of these rooms was sub-contracted to 1COLD where light, temperature and air flow across the surface of the plant were critical factors. 1COLD specially designed, fabricated and installed wall & ceiling plenums which produced a specific controlled air flow creating the right set of conditions for the growth of the plant.