Tips on Saving Cold Room Electricity Costs

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Cold rooms are important for industries that require temperature controlled environments and storage facilities for their overall operations.

Although cold rooms are essential to some industries, their operation can be unavoidably expensive, especially when it comes to electricity costs.

Operational Practices

The way you operate your refrigeration system habitually can greatly affect your electricity bills. Here are some operational tips to cut costs, without compromising the function of your cold rooms.

·         Prevent cool air from leaving the cold room and warm air from entering by reducing the intervals that the doors are opened. Make sure the doors are always closed after entering and leaving.

·         During extensive loading and unloading, shut the refrigerator down. Load and unload stock in batches as much as possible to reduce energy consumption.

·         Try to keep refrigerators at least 60% full and freezers at least 75% full for a more efficient refrigeration process, as a full refrigerator will remain cold and will cycle less.

·         Set operating temperatures only to their recommended level as much as possible. Put the evaporator temperature on maximum for greater efficiency.

Installation and Helpful Engineering Considerations

These pre-installation and engineering tips will help you to maintain cool and efficient refrigeration facilities right from the start.

·         If possible, set up low temperature occupancy sensors or timed switches in walk-in refrigerators to control and save lighting energy and to reduce the compressor load.

·         Industrial chillers usually work twice as much when surrounded by warmer environments. This could exhaust the cold room refrigeration systems. Reduce the heat gain coming from outside by installing proper insulation features in walls, floors and ceilings.

·         Use a walk-in refrigerator controller. This saves electricity by automatically slowing down the refrigerator’s fan when full speed is not required.

·         In moving refrigerant, scroll compressors are more efficient than reciprocating compressors as they reduce electricity consumption by up to 20%.


Regular maintenance will not only ensure good refrigeration performance and reduced electricity costs, it can also help you save money on expensive repairs and prolong the life of your investment.

·         Set a regular mechanical and electrical equipment inspection pattern to look for any possible issues that may arise. Keep an ear open for unusual sounds that may indicate a problem.

·         Check door seals, catches, hinges and the fan to ensure effectiveness.

Cold room operations will run more efficiently if these tips are followed, further helping you to cut down on electricity costs and save on other expenses.