Recommended Solutions to Common Food Manufacturing Facility Problems

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With Food and Beverage being one of the leading industries in the consumer market, it is essential to keep food manufacturing facilities in tiptop condition to ensure great quality food. However, some food facilities still face problems from time to time and they are not always easy to manage.

Specialists in cold room facilities, 1Cold provides effective solutions to some of the common food manufacturing facility problems:

Packaging and Labelling

Errors and bad practices in packaging and labelling food products can have adverse effects to food manufacturing facility systems. Believe it or not, improper packaging can cause high allergen scores in food facilities – which can be unhealthy to the employees and to the food itself.

Among the most effective solutions, improving the recordkeeping in food manufacturing processes and allergen control will ensure proper food handling and packaging outcomes – especially when tracking documented activities in the facility.

Pipes and Other Equipment

Food manufacturing facilities rely on industrial chillers and cold storage rooms for all kinds of refrigerated food products. When improperly used and poorly maintained, pipes and other equipment will eventually accumulate condensate, which can be extremely hazardous to human health and food products.

To prolong the life of cold storage facilities, a series of training programs should be extended to personnel throughout the establishment to ensure the proper and regular maintenance of equipment. General procedures should include:

  • Use sanitisers in condensate pans
  • Implement a routine cleaning program to include refrigeration systems such as compressors, fans and condensate collectors
  • Condensate control through proper air circulation in the facility

Plant and Equipment Sanitation

Poor equipment sanitation is also a high risk factor for food manufacturing facilities and other industrial sectors. Some common causes include inefficient employee training, difficult-to-clean equipment, poor employee hygiene and more.

Preventive control recommendations in food manufacturing facilities include:

  • Train your personnel regarding allergen control, sanitation procedures, ingredient receipt control and monitoring
  • Validate your cleaning through testing (e.g. swabs, bioluminescence tests, etc.)
  • Periodic audits and facility inspections – to include raw materials and various types of food products

Owners, operators and employees are strongly encouraged to apply Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) throughout food manufacturing facilities to help keep them clean and healthy for employees and to keep food fresh and safe for consumers.

Proficient in cold room design and management projects but especially in food manufacturing facilities, 1Cold can offer the expert assistance you are looking for.

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