Preventing mould growth in cold rooms

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Cold rooms provide an ideal environment for mould and other contaminants to grow and multiply. This can result in health problems through inhalation of mould spores and the contamination of items stored in the room. Keep these guidelines in mind to reduce or eliminate mould in your cold rooms.

Keep surfaces clean

The surfaces used in cold rooms are especially prone to mould, so they should be cleaned regularly.

Special care is needed when cleaning these surfaces because they are integral to the room functioning properly. Wet cleanup (mops, rags, etc.) should be used and the surface should be wiped dry afterwards because dusting or sweeping can release mould spores into the air. Also take note that certain chemicals such as bleach may not be appropriate for the surface (bleach can damage metal surfaces).

Store items properly

Improperly stored items in a cold room can also encourage the growth of mould, particularly in the case of organic and perishable items like food or wood. In these instances, suitable containers should be used to prevent contamination. Cardboard boxes are notably bad choices for use in cold rooms because they are composed of cellulose, which is an excellent material for mould to flourish.

Use cold rooms correctly

Each cold room is unique and designed to fulfil a specific function. For this reason, cold rooms should be used solely for their intended purpose. To illustrate this fact, some cold rooms are designed to handle mould well, even if moisture and organic items are involved.

Report any water/liquid leaks immediately

The presence of moisture can cause the exponential growth of mould, so even minor leaks should be reported immediately so repair, cleaning and a damage assessment can begin. Likewise, any spills that occur in the cold room should be mopped up as soon as possible.

Keep the door firmly shut

The door should be closed most of the time, even if the room is in use. This is because most contaminants, like mould, originate from outside sources.