Preventative Maintenance for Cold Storage Facilities

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Cold room systems require proper maintenance. However, certain operational problems cannot be avoided unless prevented through proper and early maintenance checks.

Cold room refrigeration system

One of the most important aspects of a cold room system for efficient cooling is refrigeration. Including proper maintenance of compressors, fan coil units or FCUs, the condenser and the evaporators, unlike any other equipment the overall cold room refrigeration system should undergo daily, monthly, quarterly and annual preventative maintenance checks.


– Check each compressor for any oil leakage

– Check all Freon levels for each system

– Check the evaporator for possible ice formation

– Check if PLC switchboard functions properly

– Check secondary system’s head pressure

– Check proper cold room temperature


– perform daily maintenance checks

– Check system efficiency

  • ensure that condenser coil fins are clean
  • ensure that the evaporator and unit cooler fins are clean
  • ensure reverse blowing is working properly
  • ensure proper cooling in full load
  • ensure refrigerant levels are well-maintained and working properly
  • ensure that control valves are working properly.
  • ensure defrosting functions are working properly
  • ensure evaporators are working properly

– Clean evaporator casing and blower fans

– Calibrate cold room temperature

– perform a system functional test and check for any malfunctions


– perform monthly maintenance checks

– Check overall functionality of cold rooms


– perform daily, monthly and quarterly checks accordingly

– perform chemical washing on heat exchanger, as needed

Cold room doors

This section includes the sliding door, roller door, and exit door of cold storage facilities. Inspections involving cold room doors are usually performed every two months to ensure proper function. Routine checks involve door components like IR reflectors and emitters, rollers, brackets, timers, door limit switches, control boxes, door hinges, door alignments, as well as the functionality of safety devices like door sensors.

Cold room pumps

This section involves both warm double and cold pumps. Cold room facilities are able to stay cool and remove wasted heat through the use of these pumps. To ensure that the pumps are working properly, always check the pressure difference, power consumption and the capacity of the pumps. Also look for signs of leakage, loose electric contacts as well as a proper Glycol percentage.

Performing routine maintenance checks is one of the best ways to ensure that your cold room facilities are working properly. However, these maintenance checks should be done by experts with industrial chillers and cold room facilities. If you think that your cold storage facilities need checking, 1COLD is the specialist to turn to when it comes to designing, managing, constructing and even caring for your temperature-controlled environments. Contact us for more information on how to properly maintain your cold rooms and industrial chillers.