Important Things to Consider when Establishing the Perfect Pharma Store

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When it comes to temperature controlled environments for pharmaceutical stores, 1Cold doesn’t just build and design cold rooms; our trusted service meets client specifications and ideals:

Approximate Size of Store and Site

1Cold will establish approximate sizes so that we can shortlist suitable sites to create a realistic design brief and prepare a budget estimate.

Aside from the store size, other important considerations include:

  • Volume of individual items
  • Maximum stock level for each item
  • Items and goods organisation
  • Inventory control and store keeping systems
  • Storage type requirements
  • Quarantine or isolation requirements
  • Environmental regulatory and emergency response requirements
  • Subdivision of administrative facilities

Calculation of Overall Order Value and Volume of Shipments

It is important to pay close attention to the overall value of mixed medicines and other medicinal supplies – as this will be used as a basis for store sizing.

Analyse Shipping Volumes for Specific Items

With the aid of a spreadsheet or a database-dedicated computer program, you can keep track of the number of medicine items received – this information will help to establish the perfect cold room dimensions.

Item-by-Item Analysis

For an efficient stock volume estimation process that can help you to determine the store size and type, you should consider:

  • Maximum net volume of goods to be stored
  • Goods storage and handling
  • Type of stock location system
  • Climatic conditions
  • Area of ancillary spaces such as loading bays, cold rooms, packaging areas, etc.

The following factors will determine the size of the site:

  • Size and type of store
  • Space and clearance for ancillary buildings
  • Access and parking for delivery and staff vehicles
  • Access of fire engines and other emergency services
  • Office space
  • Water runoff management
  • Site security
  • Site area needed for future expansion purposes

1Cold is dedicated to delivering unprecedented cold room facilities. Our pharma store or building projects are always carefully considered before construction can begin! As temperature controlled environment experts, 1Cold will be happy to design, manage and construct your next project! Please call 01564 702 269 for further information.