Different Types of Cold Room Refrigeration Systems and their Features

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A cold room is essential to several industries, providing an ideal storage solution to preserve different products like foods and medicines. It is also used for both commercial and scientific applications to control the temperature in a specific environment including data centres and laboratories.

The industrial refrigeration systems installed in cold rooms will depend on the requirements and specifications:

Remote Refrigeration Systems

A remote refrigeration system normally comprises a condenser unit, evaporator unit and other various parts such as site glass, dryer, expansion valve and pump down solenoid thermostat. The evaporator unit is installed inside the walk-in refrigerator/chiller, while the condenser unit is located outside the building or in a plant room to prevent it from generating additional heat inside the building and the cold room.


  • The compressors are installed on a heavy-duty frame enclosure
  • There is a line that transports the coolant from the condenser to the compressor
  • The installation of a condensate line is required so that the condensing unit can discharge its heat outside

Standard Top Mount Refrigeration Systems

Standard top mount refrigeration systems are commonly used in small to medium-sized restaurants and convenience stores. They are designed to maximise storage space within walk-in coolers or freezers. They are also highly optimised to hold low temperature levels, even after long hours.


  • They are an all in one refrigeration system
  • Cool air is discharged vertically
  • The evaporator and condenser are combined into one unit

Penthouse Refrigeration Systems

A penthouse refrigeration system is ideal for small spaced walk-in refrigeration as it leaves more usable space for storage racks. Its units are placed on the rooftop and not inside the cold room.


  • The highly-insulated cabinet encloses the cooling evaporators and fan systems on the rooftop
  • They come with a condensate evaporator that helps prevent liquid damage to the equipment

Penthouse refrigeration systems are expensive but this type of refrigeration system can be cost-effective in the long run. Offering numerous benefits such as increased storage space and quicker facilitation of routine maintenance outside the refrigerated space, these benefits reduce the downtime of the system, resulting in more production.

Saddle Mount Refrigeration System

Saddle mount refrigeration systems are hung over the wall before the ceiling installation. These systems are installed on a panel with slots cut on top, allowing the bracket to go through the wall. Installing a saddle mount refrigeration system doesn’t require the services of a licensed refrigeration technician.


  • Completely pre-assembled on a bracket that is intended to be seated on top of the wall panels
  • A custom made refrigeration system that has a condensate line installed

These refrigeration systems have different features and characteristics that could be suitable for your needs. If you are not sure which type of system to use, contact a cold room expert before making your final decision.