The Common Specifications of Industrial Chillers

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Industrial chillers are commonly used to provide controlled temperatures for products, mechanisms or machinery in different kinds of industries. Different commodities, even machines, need a certain temperature that only industrial chillers can provide. Here are some of the specifications that you should know if you are planning to have an industrial chiller for your business:

Cooling Capacity

This is the total capacity of the chiller to remove heat from the processed fluid. Its units are usually measured in kilowatts, BTU/hour or tons of refrigeration.

Fluid discharge Temperature

The temperature requirement for fluid discharge, this indicates the amount of heat absorbed by the evaporator and suction line or any heat generated by the compression process.

Process Flow

This is the flow capacity requirement of the pump.

Process Pressure

This is the developed pressure necessary for the pump.

Compressor Motor Horsepower

Also called the compressors pump refrigerant, its capacity to pump is measured in horsepower. Sometimes, kilowatts and megawatts are also used to measure the motor capacity of the compressor.

Pump Rating

This is measured based on the maximum tolerable operating pressure flow output at a maximum speed and displacement per pump shaft revolution.

Reservoir Capacity

Cooling applications usually require a reservoir that holds the chilled fluid. The capacity of the reservoir is usually measured per gallon.

Power Source

The power source of industrial chillers has three specifications: voltage, frequency and phase. Voltage is the force of an electrical current. Frequency measures the frequency at which the power is generated and distributed. Phase is the means of distributing alternating-electric power generation. Some examples of power source include 115/60/1 and 230/50/1. The electric motors in an industrial chiller may also require different power sources.


These chillers are commonly used in pharmaceutical, food, electronics, laboratory, power generation, plastics, laser, hydraulic and other different industries or processes. Ready-made cooling machines cannot be used by applications and industries. This is the reason why many companies them. They are specifically made for the purpose of use. You can ask an industrial chiller manufacturer, like 1Cold Ltd, for more information regarding the type of refrigeration that best suits your business’ needs


1Cold Ltd installs in different operating environments, both indoor and outdoor.  Outdoor industrial chillers are constructed outside of a building or mounted on a rooftop. We also build explosion proof chillers. They help prevent internal or external explosions.

Operating Temperature

This is the full range of ambient temperature required to operate the industrial chiller.

Condenser Cooling System

There are different types of cooling systems but the most common among them include the air-cooled, the water-cooled and the remote air/split systems. The air-cooled system is where forced air passes over the condenser coils to provide a cooler temperature. In water-cooled systems, circulating water cools the condenser coils. In split systems, the cooling air is supplied remotely because the condenser is remotely located.

1Cold Ltd has been providing cold storage solutions in the UK for over 50 years. They will be there for you every step of the way – from designing the industrial chiller, to managing what you need for the cold facility, up to the construction of the industrial chiller. With any enquiries, please call 01564 702 269.