Cold Rooms for Research Labs

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Research can be sensitive to minute changes; hence, cold rooms or temperature controlled environments are the ideal locations to perform these studies. Our clients often require temperature and humidity control solutions to maintain a precise and consistent level. If you require a sealed enclosure, 1COLD Ltd. can build an environmental test chamber according to your needs.

A stable environment is necessary for most forms of research, as even the slightest differences in temperature and/or humidity can affect the data, especially with environment-sensitive research. Research institutions may need a specially designed room to store sensitive or unstable items. Environmentally controlled rooms are also used to simulate particular environments for research purposes and can even contain or quarantine the area, in case of emergencies. Alarms are used in tandem with these rooms to allow the staff to detect and resolve the problem before it develops into a real emergency.


Whatever the industry, most labs require specially constructed Cold Rooms for Research Labs, development or storage. Each cold room is unique and specifically configured to the lab’s particular requirements; in some cases, cold rooms can be set up to provide heating instead of cooling. Listed below are our most frequently requested projects:

  • Cold rooms are common and widely used even outside laboratories thanks to their versatility and functionality. These rooms are hermetically sealed and climate controlled, allowing the operator to adjust temperatures to a minimum of 0°C.
  • While cold rooms are great for most applications, warm rooms may be needed in some circumstances. They’re similar to cold rooms, except they’re configured for higher temperatures. Most warm rooms can be configured between20°C and 60°C.
  • Freezer rooms are available if a client needs a room that can reach temperatures below 0°C. The most powerful freezers can reach a temperature of-60°C or colder and maintain it at a near constant level.
  • Humidity can affect several things, like encouraging the growth of mould. Dry rooms are available when maintaining low humidity is important.