6 Cold Storage Efficiency Tips

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Cold Storage Efficiency Tips Infographic

Cold storage efficiency is essential if you want to maintain the quality of your products – to further maximise your profits.

Take heed of the following tips:

#1: Clean Your Condenser Unit

Debris can accumulate in the fan and condenser of your cooling equipment – this can hinder performance. Make sure it is cleaned on a regular basis.

#2: Check the Evaporator Coils

For maximum cooling benefits, make sure your evaporator coils are clean and free from any restrictions that might affect airflow.

#3: Examine the Condition of Your Building

Faulty roofing and cracked walls can affect your cold storage equipment – letting the cool air escape. This makes it harder for the condenser units to control and maintain the desired cold room temperature.

#4: Choose Appropriate Lighting

Costs are greatly reduced when you use the appropriate lighting, since it minimises energy consumption. Instead of using floodlights that use almost 400 Watts, LED lights can be a more practical alternative – using an average of 120 to 150 Watts.

#5: Keep an Eye on the Inside Temperature

By constantly monitoring the temperature inside your cold storage facility, you will be able to establish if and when you need to contact a consultant. Possible cooling system issues can also be determined by checking the temperature’s regularity.

#6: Consider Your Door Design and Seals

With the loss of refrigerated air, condenser units are required to work harder to replace it – this drives up power consumption. For a reliable performance, make sure that your door and seals are adequate.

Truly efficient cold storage facilities do not require you to pay astronomical energy costs. 1Cold Ltd. builds reliable and cost-effective cold rooms that are available in various customisable configurations. With your enquiries and for more information, please call 01564 702 269.