4 Door Alternatives for Modular Cold Rooms

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There is so much more to modular cold room doors than meets the eye. Their opening and closing mechanism is the mere tip of the iceberg, as these doors are critical to the cold storage rooms’ proficiency, 24/7; keeping the temperatures steady, controlled, well-monitored and regularly maintained. It is therefore important to install the right doors – to fit perfectly, to keep the ‘chill’ in and to keep warmer air out.

Flip-Flap Doors

Durable swing doors that are equipped with heavy duty steel self-closing hinges, flip-flap doors are designed for quick access into a storage room facility. On approach, they swiftly flip open and they immediately flap closed behind you. These doors help to maintain temperatures inside the cold room, while affording convenient and effortless entry right on cue – suitable for laboratories, meat processing establishments, busy kitchens or commercial enterprises where personnel require quick and easy access in and out.

Sliding Doors

This door’s automation uses a chain system that can be installed on the left or right panel. Offering safety features that minimise accidents for personnel, machinery and products, it prevents harm by cushioning impacts upon closing – the door will stop automatically whenever a person or moving equipment is passing through.

Sliding doors are ideal for cold storage rooms that do not have the extra space required for doors to swing open or closed. Busy kitchens or commercial spaces can easily maintain their temperatures, since the doors will open or close on command – thus preventing temperature leaks.

Service Doors

People who use their cold storage facilities on a regular basis can benefit most from service doors. Purpose designed to facilitate service from inside and outside, these doors can easily divide storage spaces, while filtering out loud noises. Service doors can also serve as a divider for different spaces within the storage room – suitable for fast food chains, restaurants or wherever high speed service is required.

Hinged Doors

Made from the highest quality construction materials, hinged doors are one of the more robust alternatives for the modular cold room – they can be constructed or installed according to varying specifications. With excellent insulation and sealing properties, this helps to save energy while maintaining the temperatures required in cold storage, freezer or blast chiller rooms –  rigid and very durable, hinged doors also restrict fluctuations in temperature.

Whether you need to reconstruct or install a new door for your modular cold rooms, 1Cold specialises in the design, project management & construction of temperature controlled units to suit your requirements – no matter how specific or complex they might be! Simply call us on 01564 702 269… our door is always open to you!