1Cold Ltd: Company, Services and Reliability

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1Cold is no doubt one of the leading companies in the design and construction industry of hygienic, fire rated and temperature controlled environments.  Aside from being a specialist in this field, 1Cold Ltd is also consistent in terms of providing excellent customer service to their clients.

Throughout the United Kingdom, 1Cold has been highly commended and trusted with the quality of services that they offer. Every project is planned and executed with the utmost care and attention to detail.

Services Offered At 1Cold Ltd

1Cold specialises in designing, managing and constructing controlled environments for the following sectors: Food and Drink, Medical and Pharmaceutical, Electronics and Aerospace, Data and Communications and Research and Environmental.


The company provides a complete package of design and consultancy services, from free AutoCAD design to free site surveys. There are also additional services on offer such as 3D modelling and colour rendering, design specification, service and preventative maintenance and many others.

Project Management

1Cold also understands that any project will only be successful if there is proper coordination and communication. These two factors are the key to effective management. This is also why great effort is exercised to guarantee that every step of the process is carefully planned and followed. From the delivery, the quality of products, the costs and the speed of delivery every small detail is tackled to ensure that nothing is overlooked.


No matter how simple or difficult a project is, from cold rooms to laboratories, 1Cold can surely handle it with confidence and an assurance that the work will be done as per commission.  Regardless of whether the construction is a new build, a refurbishment or in any other condition for that matter, the company can confidently meet both the required project specifications and client expectations.

Company Reliability

In this kind of industry, safety is the first concern of every client. If a company involved in this business is to be regarded as reliable, it is very important to make sure that it is properly accredited and certified by relevant institutions like CHAS, CSCS, ISO 9001 Quality Standard and many others.

1Cold is proud to announce that it has been accredited with all the safety certifications that are necessary to operate an effective and efficient service.