The preservation of products and the prevention of tools from overheating are two fundamental requirements to food, pharmaceutical, research and aerospace industries. Often recognised as the best solution, cold rooms provide temperature controlled environments that are perfect for these purposes.

Within a cold room, an industrial refrigeration system delivers expansive cooling powers by transporting heat from one place to another.

  • Standard Top Mount Refrigeration Systems – typically used for small and medium-sized restaurants; these systems are designed to maximise storage space within freezers and walk-in coolers. They are also optimised to hold low temperature levels.
  • Remote Refrigeration Systems – consist of an evaporator unit, condenser unit and other essential parts; the condenser is usually located outside the building to prevent additional heat generation.
  • Saddle Mount Refrigeration Systems – hung over the wall, this kind of system is mounted on a panel with slots cut on top; they are installed with a condensate line.

1Cold’s Industrial Refrigeration Solutions

1Cold specialises in end to end industrial refrigeration system services including project management, design, installation and servicing: complying with the highest health, safety and quality standards, top products and superior services come as standard.

We make use of Microsoft Project Manager; to keep you informed and involved from start to finish. The design process is made easy with our free feasibility studies, consultancy, AutoCAD design and site surveys! Understanding the importance of time and money, we strive to deliver on time and within budget.

Our services also extend to programming and resource planning, 3D modelling and colour rendering, principal contractor and CDM services, plant and layout product flow, design specification, refrigeration design, project costing and budgeting, rental and leasing and service and maintenance.

Why 1Cold?

We are certified and accredited

Providing products that adhere to strict health and safety criteria, we are certified by respected standard-setting bodies such as the ISO 9001, Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme, Safe Contractor Scheme and Construction Line.

We have the highest quality products

Using first-rate components, tools and supplies, you are assured of the precise delivery of an efficient and durable industrial refrigeration system.

We provide a reliable and responsible service

Adaptable to the strict requirements of various industries, we are always as eco-friendly as possible – we only utilise F-Gas approved refrigeration engineers so that the installation and alteration of your systems can be perfectly achieved without harming the planet.

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